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Reviews for "NG Levels 2013"

well, thats a very good and usefull gadget! i liked the simple, and sparten interface, the good, and easy-to-use controls, (enter, arrow keys to move) and the informations that you provided in it.
also i would like to say that you used the ''endless handbag loop'', which is a legendary and super-old piece of NG history, since i remember listening to this great song from 2002, both in the site, but also in the old, old NG fighting game. (the one that had pico vs haggard from the final battle, vs eskimo bob, and against many others, a great game, i think it was submitted on 2003)
in other words, this flash-thing of yours, isn't just usefull, it's also nostalgic, AND beautiful.
thanks man, it rocks, and so do you. a great piece of flash.

great ''game'' overall, i just have to ask for a couple of things:
1. will you do one flash about all the ''B/P'' ranks? we could use a list like this too, i cant find it on NG anymore.
2.what's that NG level with the jet, i think you labeled it as an ''????'' level. so odd. maybe it's for game-developers?!

anyways, great game, keep it up, and be cool, it rocks!

Cyberdevil responds:

I'd like to do one like this with B/P too, or better yet, a more complete guide with everything currently excluded from the regular wiki (like whistles... etc). After summer, hopefully. The jet is an unused/secret level icon. It's in the stylesheet image, but noone has it/can have it. Usability & nostalgia was the mixture I aimed to brew. Thanks for the review!

Thank you.... really needed this :D

it's totally awesome that u decide to make a list , now i know what they all meant

Cyberdevil responds:

Glad you found it useful. :)

Really good work here. Just a few days ago I was looking for a list of all of the levels and I couldn't find it, I'm glad I found this neat little gadget today though. I'm not really sure if this could be considered as a game, but it's definitely not a movie. I like the clean interface. Great nifty gadget, thanks for making this.

Also I think adding in the Endless Handbag Loop that played on the front page back in 1998 or so was a really nice touch, it's the loop that defines Newgrounds as a website in my opinion. It also keeps the file size fairly small, so that's also one of the good things about using the Handbag loop here. I also liked how you could mute the audio, that was a nice little feature.

Overall, this was a nice useful gadget. Considering that I've been looking for a list of all of the levels and their icons recently, this was very helpful. I liked the neat interface and the music. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!

Cyberdevil responds:

Since NG stopped categorizing everything as Flash, creations like this are a bit of a gray zone. They're not games, but they're not movies either, so a lot of gamers give them unfair reviews just 'because they're not games'. I think a lot of people stopped submitting interfaces just because there wasn't any clear place for them, bit of a shame. :/

Indeed, that loop is a piece of history! :) Glad you liked this; thanks for the in-depth review!

Not exactly a game, but its useful and its not like it would be better off listed as a movie. Thanks for making, definitely something helpful just so people know.

Cyberdevil responds:

Same way I reasoned. :) Thanks for the comment!

Cool man!
Good job

Cyberdevil responds: