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Reviews for "SteamyBalls"

The game is not bad but unfortunately at higher levels the game is nigh impossible unless you have the quick and steady hands of a surgeon. I personally had the misfortune to play this on a laptop and found it was most certainly not pad friendly but all in all a good game but challenging to say the least.

FlappyB responds:

The game is rather popular among surgeons. They stumble upon the correct search terms.

It's not a bad game, but a little to confusing for my taste. Changing tubes is also a bit of a pain. They often seem unresponsive, and considering how closely other balls of lights follow each other, changing them at the right times is difficult and frustrating. If I can make one suggestion for the game it would be to slow things down a bit.

I stopped playing after 4 levels.
Because there keeps coming up a highscore field. Making me have to restart the level, cuz i can't see the game :)

FlappyB responds:

The highscore field disappears after a few seconds.
It never covers the button to move to the next level.
After some careful research, I noticed this only happens in popup mode. We'll look into it ASAP!