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Reviews for "SteamyBalls"

I stopped playing after 4 levels.
Because there keeps coming up a highscore field. Making me have to restart the level, cuz i can't see the game :)

FlappyB responds:

The highscore field disappears after a few seconds.
It never covers the button to move to the next level.
After some careful research, I noticed this only happens in popup mode. We'll look into it ASAP!

Fun game, though personally I thought it gets too hard around lvl 13. One idea might be to assign keys to the switches instead of clicking, so you could control more at once.

FlappyB responds:

Thank you Goodock!
We considered keyboard shortcuts for all the pipes, but it would make the game feel like Guitar Hero, rather than a click puzzle. ;)
The game is beatable with mouse alone, but yeah, it's seriously difficult.

best name ever

SteamyBalls...you called it SteamyBalls, I mean it's a decent game and all but SteamyBalls? really, SteamyBalls. Now I have to delete my browsing history lest anyone think I've been looking at SteamyBalls.
Ok so to summarise, not a bad game but a terrible title............SteamyBalls (kinda gets more fun the more you say it) ok one more time...SteamyBalls.

FlappyB responds:

We felt dirty every time we worked on this game.

The game is not bad but unfortunately at higher levels the game is nigh impossible unless you have the quick and steady hands of a surgeon. I personally had the misfortune to play this on a laptop and found it was most certainly not pad friendly but all in all a good game but challenging to say the least.

FlappyB responds:

The game is rather popular among surgeons. They stumble upon the correct search terms.