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Reviews for "SteamyBalls"

Loved the game - completed all the levels but never got the achievement :(

It's not a bad game, but a little to confusing for my taste. Changing tubes is also a bit of a pain. They often seem unresponsive, and considering how closely other balls of lights follow each other, changing them at the right times is difficult and frustrating. If I can make one suggestion for the game it would be to slow things down a bit.

Fun and could be addicting, but as a previous reviewer said, the high scores menu keeps coming up at the start of every game. Not just in pop-up mode, because I'm not using the pop-up. It does disappear after a few seconds, but for those few seconds you can't see anything on the right side of the screen, and it's nerve-racking. I'd suggest tweaking it so that the high-scores do not appear unless you click the high-scores button..

Otherwise, good game!

FlappyB responds:

Thank you for noting this outside of popup mode. We are unable to reproduce the bug ourselves, so it's all blind coding at the moment.
And a bug it is, we don't want to popup high-scores throughout the game.

Muy bueno!!!