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Reviews for "Pung"

No, you didn't fixed trapped ball bug, at least not entirely. It's currently trapped and making racket as I type this message.

GimmeSumJava responds:

Hmm...let me try again.

sorry but too much buggs

Good game but the bug is still there, so you have to smash it just like an INSECT only for once.
Fat joke, LOL...

Interesting concept, and run's smoothly. As of the bug i have been hearing about I did not have that problem maybe its your computer if it does not work or works. Some problems i had is that you are able to move outside the playing area which would have been cool if you added it were it goes to the bottom side. Also the robot is way to easy to beat so adding levels with different backgrounds or maybe even a different ball would be cool. Still a sufficient job keep up the work, and one day you may have a game with five stars.

It was a nice concept and the graphics were acceptable, but it was unplayable because of glitches. Hence the 2.5.