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Reviews for "Pung"


How this game got 2 stars I'll never know.. You either need to redo this game and take the glitches out or blam this piece of shit! It's the honest truth. I'll tell you why. The music was amazing but didn't fit the game, it's glitchy, the theme is good but the game is terrible and you didn't add a medal system. Go ahead and delete my review again. I'll keep posting this until you get the fucking point.

Take it down. Redo the game. Be more passionate about it.

GimmeSumJava responds:

I don't think I deleted it in the first place?

nice concep but...the game was terrible :I

EDIT3:Fixed the bug for real.

It was a nice concept and the graphics were acceptable, but it was unplayable because of glitches. Hence the 2.5.