Reviews for "Skullgirls Hentai Game"

This is sexy and awesome, but the final easter egg (Where Zone-Tan is roaring as a big red tentacled demon) actually wasn't that scary as others had said. Instead, it was rather confusing. However, the 2nd easter egg where Zone-Tan threatens to put her tentacles through the Filia's body and simply has sharp teeth and yellow eyes seemed to be scarier because she was actually threatening Filia rather than roaring at her. Overall, you did a great job!

...that game... is... so freaking AWESOME. I was talking for the REAL game. And honestly... when I saw about Zone-tan and Skullgirls... what it talking about that? The both had a... idk... story about it?

What is up with the 8th replay, tat is freaky

Pretty good game!

Easter eggs-
click filia for three different outfits.
click the character icon in the upper right hand corner to switch between zone-tan and anon (doesn't affect game play or endings)
scene 1- click the tentacle on the left to slap her
finish the animation 4 times- slightly different ending
finish the animation 8 times- demon zone-tan ending
hope this helps ^-^