Reviews for "Skullgirls Hentai Game"

oh i can never have sex again .

This game is just great, lack more like this

Lol, I've played Skullgirls and the game is actually pretty fun too. This flash though was also superb and if they actually put full on porn in games, I think this definitely would have made it lol. Love your work Zone-Sama

ZONE delivers another beautifully crafter hentai game!

Fans of Skullgirls (And hentai) will enjoy this one. As you could see it mimics the original source material in terms of animation and gameplay (Not to mention Josh Tomar himself voicing the narrator which is the same in game) but of course why ramble on when I can just say fuck yeah this is amazing. Thanks to this game and Zone I picked up a copy and fell in love with it quickly.

Bottom Line Zone never disapoints and I cant wait to see what other surprises he has in store.

1.Click on her clothes two times
2.Click on Zone
3.At the beginning u can spank her
4.If u did not update ur flash player u can see secret photos or u can try at the end of the game
hope this could help u on this great game