Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

Well, well, well. I've seen all the previous versions of the game and rated them as low as possible. But this one stands out a bit.
Slightly improved graphics,
good tutorial (y u all no good at reading?),
easy gameplay,
rather bugfree.
It lacks speed. It is a very sloooooooow game. I know that carrots take time to grow but this here shouldn't be realtime. Other than that: Boring but playable! 2/1.5

I love simulator games. But this game is incomplete. You need to redo this. If this is your first attempt at creating a game then good for you! But you still have a lot to learn as this isn't a full game. This is maybe 1/3 of a game if that. Now, the idea behind this is good and the art is good as well. The music was alright, I enjoyed it at first. But here are some suggestions..

Add a pause button - add this when you click on the gear in the top corner that it pauses game play.
Allow people to sell more than 1 food at a time.
Have a speed up button - The game play is too slow. I was bored playing this game.
Be able to purchase more than 1 of each item. - Let me be able to buy 10 apple trees if I want to buy 10 apple trees.
Be able to sell live stock otherwise it's pointless. - What can they do?! Nothing.

Add more to the game. Make this a larger and more dynamic game. If it takes you two years to do that then so be it. This game isn't complete. Also why is it called Go Farm IV? Is that because that's the version you've created and just never changed it?

I honestly thought that, as this is the 4th part, the game would be much better, but look at this. How was the first part if this is the 4th??? I don't even know where to start. It did not reserve the Front Page at all. There is so much missing. Sorry I could not pinpoint the weaknesses in detail, but there are not many things I like about it, to make it a bit clearer.


(sorry for bad englisch)

This is good time filling!
Fun to play