Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

This game is incredibly boring. not to mention that the mechanics of the game are bad. How can I pick up a chicken egg, if I keep grabbing the name of the animals? Better luck on Go Farm V.

sorry but its borring

The instructions page cuts off all the sentances, I have no idea what to do.


This game is just dull. There is not a whole lot of strategy or exploration to be had which is part of the fun in a time management sort of game. The gameplay consists of waiting, buying something, and waiting...

I sorry, but this does not belong on the front page. I don't know why it's there. Honestly, what's more disturbing than the bad concept (and the bad execution of the bad concept) is that this is somehow on the front page.

This game could use a lot of reworking, because little tweaks just won't do it. There is no challenge (except for maybe a challenge to your patience for tedium). The whole thing should be scrapped and redone. It's a fine start if you want to practice technical skills, but the gameplay less than uninspired.