Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

This game has a good heart but it is slow and therefore makes me bored. I enjoy watching the bunnies taking my carrots away but it doesn't happen all of the time so this is more of a wait and click game. Add more to the background, add some buildings to the area, make the person move around or even chase the bunnies will be a huge plus.

This is just poor. Tutorial either doesn't load properly or does not load at all and the scope of the game is very limited.

* angryface* I had 26 points on survival mode & I got all the farm animals. However, I couldn't obtain all the medals because the game is incomplete. There is no option to purchase a new farm or inspectors. Why can't i obtain wool from the sheep to make a coat for winter? Why are there no trees to chop wood to build an area for my animals to go during night-time? And whats the grass do? There is no grain, no corn, no way to make cereal?! IS THIS SOME KIND OF A JOKE 2 U!? x[

rhys510 responds:

on free play mode you buy haunted farm and inspector also its spelled angry faic.

Really, I'd rather just play Harvest Moon. That's all this game made me want to do. The sentences in the instructions cut off, and I really should be able to sell all of my food at once instead of having to click 50 or more times. The mechanics seem to be designed so that I have as little influence on the game as possible. Like, what choices are there in this game? This just feels unfinished. What happened to the front page?

0 out of 5000