Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

its a good game if you want somthing to relax to do the free mode

The words in the tutorial kept getting cut off. It also have very little game play in it.

boring. :/ You need more gameplay other than just click on everything. If that is what you think people want to play you should try and take a step back and seriously play some games you enjoy. See what makes you happy about it. If its just a bunch of clicking than try to wrap it up in a flashier and nicer package. Everything looks so brown. I know grass comes later but honestly I don't even want to spend that much of my time. Hope this helps, I don't mean any offense - just hope you the best of luck and keep working at it!

cant say its good but i cant say its bad either
its just repetive
and the first this that i didnt like is that you cant buy same product
so its just stainding and waiting for food to pop out and then sell it
this game can even age of empires beat, its just the same and it doesnt bring anything new instead of buying and selling

but only good thing that is later challenging to pick up stuff plus some random rabbits spawn

all and all needs rework to make it a little bit more action
even put in guns so we can defend a farm but just something! :)

pretty boring. Gameplay is a major snoozefest. click on food, turn into cash to buy more stuff that produces food. rinse and repeat until you bore yourself to death. Also bad upgrades. What does a pig do? I have a large pig that eats all my food and I can't slaughter it or anything? Same with sheep and dog. they only eat and give no benefits. chicken seems the only useful animal. didn't get to try cow because I am already half asleep from this