Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

The game is pretty good at it's core but it's very slow paced
The animals don't really slow the bar enough to be useful

Still I enjoyed the game, though boring at times
The music was very good as well.

rhys510 responds:

thanks :)

Fun, but too slow paced :L

rhys510 responds:

i know what you mean about the pace :/

Only 4 things make up this game:

Carrots, apples, the shovel and the cow. All else is farm dung.

Carpal T game.

rhys510 responds:

... ok?

Starting out you choose what kind of game you want to play: Classic, Survival, and Free Mode

I played in Classic and this is what Ive learned.
You can only have 1 of any given item at a time.
Carrots produce 1 food per growth and Apple Trees produce 2 food. Carrots have a max growth of 5 and Apple Trees have a max growth of 6.
Rabbits will die when you click them and will run off with your carrot patch but you can recover it by clicking the rabbit, they will also only come from the top of the screen.
Chickens will lay eggs that produce 2 food each and sometimes they drop a cracked egg worth nothing.
Pigs grow in 3 stages and take alot of food and to harvest a pig you have to make it die from starvation, Im not sure thats how farming works but ok, and will produce 40$ and 10 food. If you buy another pig it will come back at whatever stage you sold your last one for.
Slow bar makes the bar growth go at half and should be bought 3rd.

Last but not least the game was a bad waste of time but I did enjoy the hour of random Techno I queued up before hand.

Too slow. I like the style. The info is written bad.