Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

How did this make it to the front page under judgement?

Ok so its a slow dull version of farm ville? the carrots, apples, and chicken are the only way too get money, slowly, and theres nothing interesting at all about this game.

i dont know...

This game is bad. The gameplay is tedious at best. The music gets annoying quick. The game itself starts out bad when it gives you the option to have only 1 carrot plot and 1 apple tree, as if farms aren't allowed to have more than one plant. The pig seems to do absolutely nothing. The bunny takes your entire carrot plot which is dumb and what makes it even worse is that your dog doesn't do shit to stop the bunny, so i was right to name my dog "Shitty". I didn't even buy a scarecrow cause there wasn't even a single bird that i saw. There also seems to be some grammar issues as well.
I didn't get further than that because the game was too agonizing to continue playing. 1 Star.