Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

The game is not really funny, the only thing you have to do is to collect food and sell it. No more. You can't even move, music is not really good. Some games are really simple and are good, except this one.

not bad after all...

This game gets boring really easily. Yes, you will be busy every 10 sec or so but what you do is just press couple buttons on the farm and that's it. Oh and for some reason, my sheep doesn't produce any wool. Is it because I'm playing the freeplay mode? Or is it a bug?

Also, you have to play it in one sitting because there's no save button or anything like that. A good game to spend your 45 mins.

I had fun playng it, and that's all I ask for in games, so thanks for the game :)
Haven't played the other ones, so I can't compare it.

Nice game! :)