Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

After you beat the game in classic mode it get's really boring because of lack of content. I think you should add a storyline or something else to keep the player hooked and continuing to play the game.


A lot of text, that tells you what things do in the beginning, seems to be cut off. Not really sure what the point of the things past chicken are for. Pig gets large then i can't sell him, just have to keep feeding him. Sheep gave me nothing either. Scarecrow? where are the crows? If nothing past chicken gives you food why don't you just save up a ton of food then buy everything once you've stocked up enough, then you don't have to feed the animals. If i'm doing it wrong fix and add to your explanations in the game

This honestly needs alot of work it's a game in the loosest definition possible.

The dog and sheep don't drop any items on the classic version. I like the idea of the game, but I think there is much that can be improved. The dog could chase the rabbit the comes and make extra money or to be able to buy more things from the shop like more tools (a rake to get rid of weeds that grow and maybe a watering can to water plants, a weapon to chase away predators like foxes and snakes that try to eat your farm animals, etc.), having a larger variety of plants and animals. Thanks for the upload and best regards!