Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

Waaaaaaaaay too slow.

Nice idea for a game, but you should perhaps:
_allow the player to plant more carrots and apple trees, or lower the cost of the most expensive items
_the help sidebar cannot be closed, since its "close" button is located under the "option" button

SOO much potential!!
allow multiple placements of veg. and animals
allow corrals, or to place animals in one click 'stalls' collect often, 5/10 in each 'stall'
more options of veg. and trees,
allow to buy a 'collect all' 'feed all' item

for 2.0 allow to create orchards, combine items or products : milk- cheese-butter- cream etc. apples- fresh-sauce- juice. strawberries- fresh-jam etc.

This is a good game but money takes to long to get and in the instructions some of the sentences aren`t finished but overall it is a great game and you should make more games

I'm sorry, but this is boring. I can't do it for more than 7 minutes. I got the dog and then I'm out.

rhys510 responds:

Im sorry it wasnt fun for you :/