Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

I had no idea what I was doing because your instructions screen only shows the beginning of the sentence and doesn't actually finish explaining what anything is.

This is an awesome 4th game of the Go Farm Series. The gameplay was a little slow but a fun ass game hopefully you make more games soon!

This game is very slow and the animals aren't worth buying, you should also make it so that you can buy more than one of anything.

This game is terribly boring. You should let the player do something while waiting for things to grow and add more items. The chicken started lagging and crashing on here and it was just it. Improve it, or else....

I'll start with the positives. The graphics are cute, the music isn't too irritating and the games is very payer friendly.

However it is also a bit boring and repetitive. The game needs to be more goal orientated, you should check out the plethora of other farming games out there for some ideas.

Also it might be a good idea if when you "pick" something the farmer actually moves.