Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

Im sorry to tell you this, but your game is not very good.
The only thing to do is buy stuff then harvest them and click the sell food button endlessly.
Why doesnt food automaticly sell, or can it be sold in a higher quantity than 1.
Also the placement of objects is terrible, the tutorial (if you can even call it that) is full of unended sentences because the text fields arnt big enough.
And the close button for the help window ingame in underneath the options button and therefor unpressable.
Its not that i dislike the concept or anything, its just very boring, and badly executed.
1.5 for the achievements which are a nice addition, but further than that there is no reason to play this game.

great job

Good music but horrible game

The instructions isnt clear
its all to boring waiting for something to happen
some of the controls dont work

sir make adjustments and i will play again

YAWWWWN... Oh, wait, is something happening in the game? Nope, nope, I just fell asleep for a moment and THOUGHT something happened.

I couldn't stop playing once I started! Holy piss, this is a great one! 5/5