Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

Game gets repetitve as others have said. Also, theanimals seem to be bugged. i noticed the hicken stopped laying eggs and the sheep never gave me any wool. if the pg is supposed to do anything other than eat all your food, it didn't do that either.

This is pretty good. Reptive but good

Wow, Good job Rhys! You're getting really good at scripting, keep up the good work!

Ugh, this game doesn't go anywhere! I feel like I wasted my points when I bought the dog and the sheep, and the pig just takes a lot of food. I'm clicking to keep everything fed, but to what end? It seems like the only thing I'm fighting is the inevitable end: both my farm's and my animal's if I don't keep them fed.

I kept with it for a while but it gets incredibly boring long before the end. Hopefully a future version will have more to it than a Torchlight-like clickfest.

The music is horrible.
I'm having a problem where I have to click a button multiple times to activate it.
The rabbits are super annoying as you cannot stop them because of the bug I've mentioned above.
It's fairly boring as the only thing you do is wait and click.
It's pretty pointless.

Overall 1/5