Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

Where to begin with ths annoying horribly executed game. The music is annoying and i would honestly rather listen to a cat be dragged down the road at 60 mph than the same 15 notes over and over and least the cat would stop after it died. Thank god for mute.

Next the games pace is soooooo slow. A speed up button would save me life.

The animals i cannot even begin to fathom what happened with them. They die and apparently haunt your farm. Even after death they somehow still can die. I cant always sell my animals produce or food sometimes. The weird this is sometimes i can sell the dead animals produce. The dead animals will also sometimes eat food for no reason at all and i still have a chicken that has yet to die in over 2 hours of me just walking away from the game.

The food randomly spawns for me at random intervals sometimes i get 1 food everybit and sometimes i wait 10+ minutes and still no carrot in the ground. Maybe its related to the scarecrow, but that does not seem to function for me. I need to be able to auto sell food or have it sellable in more than one quantities.

There is also nothing to do in the game but stand there and watch what little stuff goes on and honestly reruns on tv are more interesting.

The idea is old and very much outdated. I can clearly see that little is any thought was put into this game given the numerous bugs and huge oversight on such simple things for the play to do.

For those looking for a more enjoyable venture try something from Natsume.


This, needs more time to be something awesome. The game play is odd and feels, quite honestly unfinished, let me get this straight you can pick up and move trees and vegetable patches around anywhere but trying to keep a chicken from wandering off screen is nearly impossible? Just seems like there could be more animation wise.

Haven't got to far in the game but all I really need to know is if anybody knows the song in the beginning, if so add me and message me please, and thank you.

Woo, all achievements!

... Jesus Christ, I must be really bored...

Why do my ghost animals on my haunted farm "die" when I haven't fed them? How come I can still sell their eggs and milk?

I guess I don't have to mention that this game really lacks depth, because everyone else already has...

You are getting the 1.5 stars because at least you had the thought to put in a mute button for the music. The same fifteen notes over and over again /really/ gets tiresome.