Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

This game is just crap. The only way to earn money is with carrots apples and eggs and is so fucking slow. The other animals are useless. besides that the shop doesn't give any information what an object/animal does. The music is annoying as hell. luckily there is a mute button. The bar is not an activity bar, but it is just an time bar. It doesn't matter how active you are. Also I don't know why you have an character because he doesn't do anything, you can only move him. I voted 2 stars, but know I'm writing this it was actually to high for this game.

I believe you will better off the Go Farm games, forever. It already had a good run let it rest.
The game indeed is cute and the music is enjoyable at first, until it makes you want to end your own life.
It's fun to pick your character and all but that part it's the only bit fun i had during the whole game. It is understandable that you can only have one of each farm thingies, ok it's the dynamic of the game and all but since the items have no description whatsoever you're only waiting for the next time you'll be frustrated for buying an utterly useless thing, like the sheep, the dog or the other 60% of the game purchasables which you can only buy by selling your hard earned food... One at time, always one at a time, each single freaking piece of food it's one click for one money, my mouse was asking me why he was being punished like that.
The tutorial it's just painful to watch, a window with a couple of phrases and some missing text explaining the hud of the game, it doesn't explain how the game works or the objective of the game (classic mode), you just have to make assumptions and hope for the best.
"Oh cool a sheep, i'll probably sell wool from it!" Wrong
"Oh cool a pig, i'll feed him and then sell the poor bastard for bacon!" Wrong
"Oh cool a cow. Wait i need grass? Oh ok, it will feed on the grass and all right? Then i'll have free milk, sweet!" Wrong
"Oh my god these bunnys are annoying, wait i can buy a dog? Cool i like dogs and it will keep the bunnys at bay or even hunt then down for me right?" Wrong again pal.

Audio- 3/10 for the music and 8/10 for the effect it is nice, simple and pleasant
Graphics- 6/10 it is cute and all but nothing out of the ordinary or innovative
Gameplay- 5/10 nothing new but nothing overused aswell
Overall- 5/10

It always feels like i'm dying a lil bit on the inside everytime i see something like this on the front page. What gives Newgrounds? You used to be cool man.

addicting in its way. however, i only feel like this series has become more about internal updates than new gameplay or features. the art is cute, and the option to pick characters is neat. i understand the dynamics of only being able to upgrade something once, if not the semantics.

however, this offers little departure from an already established formula. few will notice the tightened screws here or there, and re-balancing of progression.

out of 10....

gfx - 8.5 (clean, simple, friendly)
sfx - 6 (music is fun at first, but grows ridiculous...no mute button)
design - 5 (compared to other "Go Farm" games it's better, but nothing new)
gameplay - 6 (the game breaks down quickly)

overall, this is an alluring game. however, it offers little departure from its previous versions. diversity is the spice of life, so they say, and this has little in spite of itself.

rhys510 responds:

Hey thanks, theres a mute button in the options at the top right of the screen and thanks for commenting! :P

Pretty boring. The most annoying part of this game are the words "You already have this." I mean like what is the point of owning a farm if you only plan on having one tree or one patch of carrots.

too slow.

terrible interface.

annoying game mechanics.

ear slaying music.

utterly irrelevant and poorly message sound effect.