Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

This game...is well crap but the music is nice

im not impressed, the only good points i can give u is that the artwork while simple was not chopy so thats a plus,music decent, but the game it self is extremely laking, i can think of other games to play even if just to pass time, the background isnt even a farm, and why cant i have more than one of something if i choose to do so? i have to sell food one click at a time? this is a huge hassel when i have to multi click everything to pick as it is anyway, chooseing a farmer is absolutly pointless if he just stands there and doesnt react to anything, i would say at least try to mirror a game such as the farm apps on facebook, try again please

Boring, slow, and plain confusing.
There are no real instructions int he beginning; even the so called "guide" if incomplete and trails off.
Anything takes too long to grow and it's not worth anybody's time.

Seriously need to consider pulling this game off of newgrounds... it's an incomplete game.

one of the worst games ever

I was pretty confused by this game. It did help that the music was really cool. What I don't understand is exactly how you're supposed to get that ahead in this. It just seems like the same picking over and over. It just took too long. I would have liked if there was an option to speed it up.

It just got boring too quickly. I suppose if I was more into this game, I could get to the better parts. I was, however, just not that interested enough. The artwork/graphics are fairly decent. I guess if you were a fan of the previous games, you should like this one too.