Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

I really have no idea what the purpose of this game was. The instructions, the tutorial and the help screen did not clarify how to keep farm activity up. Also the music is very repetitive and annoying.

On the plus side, the cow was really cute.

My problems with this game start the moment you do "Classic" mode. I'm not even bothering to play the rest of this game, because the tutorial isn't even complete. Literally. Most of the "descriptions" cut off before they even finishing telling me what everything does, leaving me (a person who has never played ANY of these games before) to figure out what I'm suppose to be doing and how all the menus work. Actually, the ONLY description that was complete was "Money shows up here." From what I have seen of other reviews, (and from what little I did after the tutorial) this game is EXTREMELY bare bone. I am actually rather amazed this even made it past the save/blam portion of submission. However, to each his own. I just can't give any stars to a game that...well...doesn't really have much entertainment value (isn't that what games are for to begin with?).

despite unclear instructions
the game was alot of fun! the bunny is AWSOME
a little refinement would be awesome!!


Its an ok farm simulator. the music was ok but was repetitive. I found it annoying that some animals didn't seem to have a function besides to be cute AKA: Dog, Sheep, Pig, Bunny. I felt cheated after I bought them and (in the pig's case) leveled them up and didn't get anything, not even an achievement for collecting everything. perhaps I am missing something I only played the free-play mode, because I was way too board at the end to replay it and see the differences btw the different modes.