Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

This game is more boring than Farmville, and that's saying something. There's no save feature, the tutorial is strangely cut off and incomplete, and the gameplay is boring and pointless as heck. The only thing that would make this somewhat interesting would be if the animation and art was fun to look at, and that is nonexistent. I see very little redeeming value to this game. Perhaps next time.

Seriously, no save? wtf.
Plus, add all bad reviews below to mine. All agreed.
No point, no strategy at all, just click till you win, incomplete tutorial...............

how come this was on front page?

This has got to be the worst game I've seen on here. This is an example of someone who put absolutely no effort into making a functional game and didn't have any time to start basic testing.

Why even bother if you're not willing to make the slightest effort?

Extremely, extremely buggy game.
I failed at the end because the "pick" buttons on my carrots, apples and eggs stopped working, and often the creatures would become "stuck" to the mouse when I tried to move them.

Nice enough game but the bugs and lack of tutorial kill it.