Reviews for "Go Farm IV"

So, where to begin... Others have said better what I want to say, so... To be honest, front page? This game sucks pretty bad. Unclear instructions, bad commands are what causes this game to suck. Sorry, but this doesn't more than a 1 for the probable effort you put in this.

i dont kow y many people complain about the tutorial, i got all medals without even checking the tutorial, the only things u need to beat the game are:-

Apple Tree
Pig (only if u want to get a medal, but he is totally use less)
Shovel (just click on it and after each 4 clicks u will get 5 coins)

decent game with easy medals

Was gonna play. Then I saw that it had 2 stars and everybody's explanation of why it sucked was pretty much the same, so I just put 0 stars and a 0-rating submission just to save myself the trouble.

This game is lacking in many places. The biggest issue is that most of the animals do nothing but take up space and food. the tutorial even has a lot of the words cut off. overall this game is slow and dull to play do to missing features

i like it :D