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Reviews for "'Pendicitis"

As someone who had to have his appendix removed do to appendicitis so severe it became gangrenous, I know exactly what you went through. If mine hadn't been removed within the half hour they opened me up to take it out, I'd be nothing but bones, 6ft. under. What made it worse was that it was the day after Christmas, my 4th grade year.

LeTravino responds:

Dude, yours became gangrenous? I'm sorry to hear that man, I'm glad they got to you just in time. Mine was on the verge of bursting, but not gangrenous.. well, I don't think, anyways.

I absolutely loved this video. The sound effects were so amusing (probably because I know you personally imagined you making them, but whatev.) and that appendix had it comin'.

It looks great and I've watched it many times.

Keep it up bb. xx Krys

LeTravino responds:

<3 I love you, baby.

This is my 2nd review 2day, and already, out of all the sht ive seen, this is the one thing that should be tagged as "wtf". Great video man.

LeTravino responds:

Not a bad plan. I tagged that wtf and took out 'medical'. Not sure how many people look up 'medical', now that I think about it, haha xD

Thank you, though! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Nicely done with this well-made animation.

LeTravino responds:

Thank you very much :)

what was funny was that i am lerning bout the human body and i herd that the appendix is useless and it just causes pain XD

i loved the vid, it was kinda weird,no offese , (not that i could do any better <(._.)>
great job and yes it was a nicely anamated vid but i think you, in the future will make amazing vids, so keep up the great work

LeTravino responds:

Yeah, I was trying to go with an innnocent, cartoony feel at the beginning, then go to a darker feel at the end when things go bad for the little appendix.

But thank you! I'm working on something now that's a lot higher quality - I just hope my voice acting improves a little bit, haha!

And yeah, the appendix sucks, costing me medical bills and pain and junk, Jesus