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Reviews for "The Dungeon"

Pretty cool game.
Although like you say in the description, it is a bit small, so that's kind of a draw back, but at least you knew this before being told.
I think I found a bug, it's possible to get literally stuck or cut off from the stairs, this happened to me at level four. I got boxed in and wasn't able to get to the steps.
One more thing, it's not so much of a bug but, if you turn on the "hold to move" option and walk into a wall, the stepping sound keeps playing in accordance with how long the button was pressed instead of, if it is currently being pressed. not bad just a little counter-intuitive.

Also, sorry one last thing, a "game exit" or "return to menu" option might be nice.

Anyway, Cool Game!

SirenGames responds:

It takes effort to walk into a wall regardless of whether you're gaining distance or not. We continue to reward this effort by keeping the counter going. You're welcome and thank you for playing the dungeon!

Great little game. The mouse control at the main screen seems a bit uncontrolled, but that is just me nit-picking. With a bigger screen, this could be a great game to kill time.

cool little dungeon game it should be transportatioal

really fun, simple yet awesome.

however, i spawned on a floor where i was blocked by a merchant and was unable to continue. it upset me a little

SirenGames responds:

You've been claimed by the dungeon. We chose to allow that to happen. Its frustrating. Were thinking of creating a new item to help counter those issues.

Pretty nice. Again, the really small size detracts from the whole experience so I really hope you guys can improve that. Also like in previous comments I experience save bugging. I come back with 0 HP and my weapons either have reduced power or none at all, according to the stats screen. I find the names of some of the items are rather.. um.. ridiculous. A sandwich or cookie as a weapon? Lol. And lastly, I think the merchant is bugged sometimes too, because sometimes when he offers a torch for sale and I buy it, it shows and says that I bought a potion instead. On the whole, not a bad game. Definitely needs some fine tuning, but has potential!