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Reviews for "The Dungeon"

Fantastic game, i love how simple it is, cant wait for the larger version

SirenGames responds:

Thanks! Really appreciate the kind words.

This is actually very good. The size is a bit annoying but you can still see the stuff on the screen very well.
Ignore Fanferd, he's just some blind dumbass who doesn't realize that this is a dungeon crawler and you go nowhere but down.

normal game but made it like longer and make final boss and add easter egg like if you write char name jeff the killer then you got other skin

the game is kind of hard to see you should think about making the screen larger!

SirenGames responds:

Read the developer notes for info pertaining to this.

Great little game. The mouse control at the main screen seems a bit uncontrolled, but that is just me nit-picking. With a bigger screen, this could be a great game to kill time.