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Reviews for "The Dungeon"

it is good but why like a game if i cant play it

SirenGames responds:

Could you give more substantial feedback please? Possibly why you can't play it? And why would you rate it 1 star because you can't play it? Why not just not rate it at all? Thanks.

really fun, simple yet awesome.

however, i spawned on a floor where i was blocked by a merchant and was unable to continue. it upset me a little

SirenGames responds:

You've been claimed by the dungeon. We chose to allow that to happen. Its frustrating. Were thinking of creating a new item to help counter those issues.

cool little dungeon game it should be transportatioal

Great little game. The mouse control at the main screen seems a bit uncontrolled, but that is just me nit-picking. With a bigger screen, this could be a great game to kill time.

Right off the bat I ran into creatures that could kill my character. Using potions I was able to deteat them until I ran out of potions. Thus they killed me. The treasure placement is completely random and after playing through to death 5 times never once was I able to make any rhyme or reason of it. Survival seems completely random as opposed to an item of skill. Next, the random map generator is creating areas that cannot be reached/entered. On my second play through, when I decended to the second level I was in a 2x1 area that I could not leave, forcing me to reload the game. It is distinctly rogue-like, but needs a little tweaking to fix the bugs.

Oh and BTW... a 27" monitor at normal resolution fixes the size issue... :)

SirenGames responds:

The enemies have a very broad stat range. Some are very tough and some are very easy. Were considering balancing it a little more or adding features to allow the player more abilities to avoid that situation. The game is meant to be very unforgiving but all monsters should be able to be defeated with full health which is not true at the moment. The issue with getting trapped is a sort of unlucky game over which we don't plan on fixing at this time. There may be a new item which can help prevent it however.