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Reviews for "The Dungeon"

no low level monsters make this game unplayable
all you can do is run away hoping for a lucky find on a chest, and that would be okay in a roguelike if not for DOING IT FROM LEVEL 1 ONWARDS! there's no monster you can beat easily

some bugs here and there, but all round fun. I like how whenever you get armor or a weapon you sort of have to gamble on whether or not it's better than your current equip. I also love the basic, yet fun, gameplay. and it's very unique and interesting with its items as well. what with how you always want to have them because they're so useful.

This is actually very good. The size is a bit annoying but you can still see the stuff on the screen very well.
Ignore Fanferd, he's just some blind dumbass who doesn't realize that this is a dungeon crawler and you go nowhere but down.

It seemed like it was probably going to be good, I know I like stone soup's that has a similar look/feel, however I tried a couple methods and couldn't get this game to a size where I could see what was going on.

Pretty nice. Again, the really small size detracts from the whole experience so I really hope you guys can improve that. Also like in previous comments I experience save bugging. I come back with 0 HP and my weapons either have reduced power or none at all, according to the stats screen. I find the names of some of the items are rather.. um.. ridiculous. A sandwich or cookie as a weapon? Lol. And lastly, I think the merchant is bugged sometimes too, because sometimes when he offers a torch for sale and I buy it, it shows and says that I bought a potion instead. On the whole, not a bad game. Definitely needs some fine tuning, but has potential!