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Reviews for "The Dungeon"

The screen should be larger. There should be easier monsters in the beginning , or offer a decent weapon at the start.

The game is fine and all but it's too small to see clearly i'm afraid if i keep playin this i may end up hurting my eyes trying to read it. You could do to increase the size of the visuals without effecting anything. That and a confirmation for going to the next floor since iso that you don't accidentally leave the floor even though you don't want to.

First play through, started out inside a wall. Had to reset, didn't have the patience for the ad, so didn't play again.

SirenGames responds:

I don't blame you. Ha ha

Got STUCK on the second floor. There was a trader/shopkeeper blocking the only path to the door (or more accurately, out of the 6x6 area I started in)

normal game but made it like longer and make final boss and add easter egg like if you write char name jeff the killer then you got other skin