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Reviews for "Obduction XP"

I liked the art but the game has significant problems in nearly every other area. Music/Sound wasn't very enjoyable, the game is filled with bugs particularly during level transitions, and the jumping feels odd for some reason.

the game moves very slowly, the bugs are very common which is bad, but I could have gotten around all of that if it wasnt for the god awful music.

i like this game but it is a bit buggy some lvls starts without visible platforms.

The game is very buggy. I would land on a platform and fall off. If you even touched the edge of a block you would fall. The jumping seems to not work all the time. There needs to be a tracker to seem how much candy you've gotten. So all in all, good idea, but bad mechanics.

Bugged. i land on the exit, and felt down. then it startet to change lvl, but it only removed some of the old platforms, leaving me hanging in the air. and when ever i tried to move i just felt down again...
Good game though