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Reviews for "Obduction XP"

It's a decent game, the concept is old but your trying to give it a new feel, however the game is way too difficult for the amount of health/lack of weapons, another thing mentioned before, perspective, the game doesn't show how the environment will interact with the character.

Same Complaints As everyone else,Good game but the Glitches....Damn.

it is a really fun little game however the glitches make it very frustrating to play, the main one being that when the levels transfer, it sometimes get stuck and you have to kill yourself to fix it.

This easily has to be one of the worst platformers I have ever played.
While the Nitrome-esque art style at least awards this mediocre game a star, that's the only thing it has going for it. The controls are terrible, with an awkward pesudo-isometric perspective that makes jumping with the up and down keys unintentionally difficult. One example of the problems with the design is the flame jet obstacles. The horizontal jets of flame they spurt out look like they cover 2 blocks, but due to the perspective, the vertical jets do not, so I died a couple of times on accident before I realized the error in the design. The enemies can move onto the spawn block, or a crucial block, such as a button block, and I have died a couple of times because an enemy has been right where I spawned. That is inexcusable. Plus, it is virtually impossible to complete the game on one set of lives, as the game will occasionally glitch out when loading a level, meaning you have to kill yourself and get the continue screen to refresh the level and start over. There is no level select, so you cannot pick the game back up again where you left off after rage quitting it. The story is boring and has no real reason why I should care about my nameless character or his strange hairstyle. And the title is incorrectly spelled. Because poor literacy is KEWL. But my biggest gripe is the invisible block gimmick. These blocks look indistinguishable from the rest of the background unless you jump on them, which not only makes them translucent for a couple of seconds, but also briefly highlights any adjacent blocks. The first level that these are on looks impossible to complete, as there is no indication that invisible blocks are involved. And to further cheapen the gameplay, you include the challenge of having to navigate through mazes of invisible blocks while also avoiding enemies and cannon fire. I've only played through "Easy Mode", which is a huge understatement, and I refuse to progress through Hard Mode. I wish I could have the time back I wasted trying to complete this game.

fliptico responds:

Hi, thanks you for your good comments, I like when people give large comments.

I´m making some of the suggested changes to the game the fast as I can.

PD: Guys, I love your comments, seriously they help me to grow, but don´t be harsh.

Meh...there's really nothing to it, game pace too slow, art good, music okay. And this barely relates to an alien abduction...but it might have something to do with an obduction...whatever that is. I think I don't like about these top-view games is that once you incorporate jump, your perspective gets all messed up and it's hard to land on moving platform. Unoriginal and boring.