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Reviews for "Obduction XP"

oooo a piece of candy. oooo a peice of candy. ooo a piece of candy. A bit laggy but otherwise is was playable.

From the first few levels, the game is amusing. The music does get a bit annoying very early in the game, and a good soundtrack is something I do enjoy on games.

@pirate9899: Perhaps you should run the game on a modern computer/browser, as there is no lag and character response works as intended. Also, English isn't everyone's native language, so being a grammar nazi doesn't provide any credibility to your "review".

great game, only gripe is that 50 is too much for the candy

The music gets a bit annoying at times. :(

Good game, but no replay value

I can't believe this every time I try to jump it doesnt respond and i die now im stuck on level 6 or so cuz i cant jump