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Reviews for "Obduction XP"

The controls are horrible, the jump sometimes just does not work, the hitboxes are not obvious, you can look like you should be fully on a block and still fall. Other than that it is a fairly generic platformer with nothing special.

The music is horrendous.

After all, its playable. But it is quite boring, obvious storyline, insipid music, primitive gameplay... I just didnt liked it.

this game needs to be EASIER!!! creator. You suck

The music was tiresome and uninspired, and the object detection was bizarre. I rode a moving platform for a few seconds and then suddenly feel off of it, without having moved since getting on at all. One of the disappearing platforms, before the disappearing animation was even done, had already dropped me off. Most projectiles don't "hit" you, just go through you while you die awkwardly, via an exploding head almost all the time. This lack of attention to projectiles is kind of lazy.

The animation was strange as well. While smooth, I couldn't help but feel that my character was a robot and not a human. This wasn't a stylistic choice, it was a failure to make the animation look organic. Death animations mostly didn't make sense - you don't explode when you are set on fire.

For that matter, there was no intuitiveness with the jump mechanic. I tried to jump over a flamethrower and got roasted, despite being "above" the flame, and the pseudo-isometric design was a strange choice that was ambitious...but fails to provide anything novel to the game beyond frustration.

Grammar and English. These really aren't that critical to game design, but little things do matter, and as many people have mentioned, the game title is spelled wrong and your Author Comments are awkwardly phrased as well

And I don't care about my character at all. This is contributed to by the lack of a good script, his own robotic movements, and the increasingly frustrating gameplay that isn't there due to good level design, but just inherent in the isometric viewpoint and the awkward hit-detection.

Transparent platforms were even stranger: they don't have a sheen until you get near them, and then they shine continuously? What sort of mechanic is that? It would make sense in a game that advertised continuous deaths, but in this game it just felt like an artificial difficulty boost.

Overall the game was annoying, the level designs boring, and the difficulties I had seemed to be mostly artifacts of poor design. I applaud the smoothness of animations, though the main character leaves much to be desired in terms of organic motion and death sequences.

fliptico responds:

This is a large comment. Love it. Thank you for being polite.