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Reviews for "Obduction XP"

The game is lots of fun,but one of the things that piss me off the most are the platforms.The goddam acursed platforms.Its hard to land on them and,if you dont land perfectly,you die.

If you rate this game 0 stars you obviously can't appreciate or recognize the love and work put into this game. Now first of all the sprites and animation are looking very slick and finished.
The gameplay isn't yet the oiled machine it could be. Jumping seemed a little awkward, especially when jumping to a platform under you. The non visible platforms where a guess at times too (btw, jump on an invisible platform to see the ones attached to it).
Looking forward to your next release, I'm sure you'll find away to make the gameplay more appealing.

This game had a bunch of potential, and I wanted to enjoy it, but the controls were SO touchy. You walk off a moving platform, and if it's 1 pixel away, you die. Bad planning.

sometime when I respawn in a room one of the ricocheting enemies will be at the spawn point at the moment I appear and kill me instantly. you need to either put in a grace period for respawning where you are invincible as long as you are at the spawn point or you need to let the player control when they spawn to prevent this.

Also I'm not giving you 1 and 1/2 stars just for that. I just think the game isn't fun.

The controls are very glitchy. Please try to fix this. Good graphics, but somewhat impossible to play.