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Reviews for "Obduction XP"

I was quite impressed by this game. I think it is probably the best one I have played all day! I think it mostly works because the formula is just so well done. There's this wonderful colorful world for you to go out and explore. It gives you a great sense of adventure. I think the hardest parts are jumping on the platforms with the skulls. You forget you can jump at times.

I just love how well animated everything is. There is so smooth animation and it flows together so well. I even like how the title is shown. It's interesting to see what kind of environment will show up next. The sounds are great too.

fun game, but a few issues. Number one and the most problematic is the jumping. When jumping on a bird's eye view game, it's a bit hard to tell what is the right and wrong time to jump. For example, I'd jump onto a moving platform, or walk onto one and my character would fall to his death because I wasn't on the platform. Second, the fact that you have to get 40 pieces of candy to get a heart back? Kinda steep when you don't give us all that many to begin with.
Other than that, though, this was well thought out, funny, and well, pretty good. Hope to see you make more games.

Not bad, well-put together, interesting, fun, and kept me on my toes.

Control was sluggish and clunky