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Reviews for "Obduction XP"

It looks and feels exactly like it's a Nitrome game... Too much so, actually. Pretty good game, nothing special or terribily original, but hey- it's a lot of fun anyway!

Errrr... Controls? WTF?

This seems like a pretty fun platformer. What made me put the game down after not too long was the wonky frame rate. Sometimes it would lag a bit, then speed up to catch back up. If you put in something to deal with that (like changing between low/med/high quality), then this could be a nifty and addicting platformer!

It was a good game but I had some problems. The first was the life I didn't like it just annoying having to get 50 pieces of candy never got 1 more life :/ but I just suck so :D. The second is that sometimes during the game I would go to the next level and be stuck on an in between level. I had this twice so I don't think its just me. It almost always happened with the disappearing pads. Other wise fun game

Graphics are awesome... it's just the game play needs work.

Jumping and landing is probably the most frustrating part about this game.
The timing of it all is off; i Ive played many games like this and "depth perception" isn't correct in this.
Even if you land and make it on a platform (let alone a moving platform) you can fall through.
Moving platforms seemed impossible to land. I had to go through many hearts when I first encountered one. I would just fall through the platform.
Also, what's wrong with the shadow? It appears behind the character.
When jumping, the shadow should appear directly under the character.
This will also help players to locate and navigate the character more properly.

If players keep dying why should we keep playing?
The candies are never worth getting because it's usually too hard to get; they're useless.
Sometimes I die 5 times before I can get all the candy from the stage.

I know this was just recently submitted but.... i think it needs more work.