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Reviews for "Obduction XP"

The Game is good. The animation is nice, but the hitboxes are annoying.
The music is bad. Really bad. Loud, annoying, boring. Do not fit the game.


The intro was really amazing, heh.
However the controls were sort of weird, or well the way your character reacted was weird. Jumping felt delayed and slow.
The art style was rather fine and the concept of the game was alright.
Looking forward to more.

"What happened? Where am I? And why am I naked!?"
"Pathetic Human. You have been chosen to entertain me!"

I gave you a whole extra star just for that intro dialogue. The game itself is fine; fairly well programmed as near as I can tell, but it's pretty much just another basic 3D platformer; "Nothing too new or interesting" as Tom's rating bar says.

I don't like that if you step less than 1 milimeter of a platform then you drop. Think the hitbox of the the main character could be smaller to change this.

Otherwise I enjoyed it.