Reviews for "Fluttershy's Bunny Rescue"

The game was fun, the animation is great. I really like that you used Flutterwonder by Pinkiepieswear as the background music it is easily my favorite of all his songs. Keep up the great work.

Pretty cool and relaxing game. Would've made sense to add enemies, since Everfree's suppose to be dangerous, but I still like this sweet and harmless tone to the game. I noticed that the music and sound lags a bit every time you move, not sure if it's just my computer or if it's something you should look into. Laggy music aside, I really dug this game!

this is a nice relaxing game, I found it very enjoyable

The song is called ' FlutterWonder '

This game made me jump outta my chair first time i saw the monster. And the second encounter, i had managed to kill one of em. This would be a great Horror game if it didn't have such slow flying and falling and farther jumping. I know it's a pony but come on, It makes the game go slower. But it's not the worst horror game I've seen in my lifetime. Though i can say, It's the only one that can really scare the crap outta me when i least expect anything.