Reviews for "Fluttershy's Bunny Rescue"

my best was 497 sec and i found all the secrets

Was n o t expecting that lmao

UPDATE: I didn't think it was beatable after a certain time of night- damp

Ayyy i know it's secretly a horror game...

This is a remake of Pony Platform Game.
I love the game in overall.

First try, time is 407 seconds and 2 secret on 5.I hope to get them all!
I didn't go ask Twilight to find the bunnies.

The game music sound japanese to me. It is Fluttershy who is singing?

I found no bug,the game work fine.


This game made me jump outta my chair first time i saw the monster. And the second encounter, i had managed to kill one of em. This would be a great Horror game if it didn't have such slow flying and falling and farther jumping. I know it's a pony but come on, It makes the game go slower. But it's not the worst horror game I've seen in my lifetime. Though i can say, It's the only one that can really scare the crap outta me when i least expect anything.