Reviews for "DD: B.Warrio vs Arnold"

lol that was funny XD nobody beats arnold :P

That was epic. Arnold ftw. Damm right. Good animation, nice art, awesome music.

Awesome! The mixture of regular sprite animation and transitions is pretty awesome. the additions of Arnolds real voice is a nice touch to it, like the flashback at the beginning. Was that from Commando btw? Otherwise the music is nice and 8-Bit, just like it should be. Smooth, varied fighting, and it gets interesting at the chase, not only fighting but a bunch of differert scenarious all mixed up. Even the Credits are awesome, really nice mix of layers and text. The yellow car btw, looks just like the one in his debut movie. :D Great work!


rebaz responds:

nah, i did the voice for arnold, sounded pretty good to say myself.

glad you liked it man


Holy Nhizsit, Rebaz! You live! I haven't seen anything from ya since like... the Double Dragon awesomeness that you made. Good to see you still got the mojo, dude. Fantastic!