Reviews for "DD: B.Warrio vs Arnold"

Abobo should have won.

The animation and references to other games was really nice. However I am going to pull down the rating because the Booty Warrior joke felt forced in, and the voice acting was disappointing.

Good stuff! I love the music and the 8 bit classic references. The Ninja Gaiden part was hilarious. Could of done without the whole booty warrior thing. But, still super good.

Perfect! This made my day!

This is fucking amazing. What the hell is with the busted frames while Arnold is walking towards the fridge, though?

Seriously. This thing made me actually laugh out loud. For reals. The very last maybe-three-milliseconds soundbite that Abobo has was just perfect. And the whole thing is just filled with little touches like that. I will probably be voting 5 on this daily for a couple days.