Reviews for "I Can't Escape"

I wanted to be scared, I wanted to be. But, all you do is wander around. One time, i saw an eye staring at me from a wall, that was interesting, but that was the ONLY thing I saw while down there. Nothing worth running from, by the time I'd randomly fallen down into the 7th hole on the ground, I was done. There was nothing happening. What was the point? Can you at least tell me that? Was I missing something here?

The fact that sometimes you fall through the ground somewhat forbids any kind of game experience. There is no possibility of methodically exploring the labyrinth, thus making this a "walk around randomly while enjoying the atmosphere and the scenery kind of game". The problem is that there is no scenery and little atmosphere, due to the repetitiveness of everything and the harmlessness of monsters. All in all, I think it needs a lot more work.

Was this inspired by a Lands of Lore game? Felt like LoL2 in my opinion. Because of the music, perhaps.

Best of luck with your projects.

This game was a complete waste of time the idea was good but the execution was not good at all i was hoping to get scared or at least find a way out there are pitfalls after pitfalls that you cant even really see and ladders you cant use and keys that apparently do nothing after about five mins of playing i fell into a small room with four walls that was impossible to get out of and just got an END message i dont know if this is a small demo for whats to come but i hope you do more with this in the future
-sorry for the bad spelling and/or bad grammer

interesting game, however the fact that u can only win when u are in the first level make it hard to keep goin if u fall often, when u go down its very frightening and very good part of the game but why would u go far down when your objective is on the first level, remember your objetive on the game is to escape,and the last part i spent more than one hour trying to finish the game thinking at least in the end all my efforts will not be in vain, sad end just go out end see a screen with end game , at least make a final joke like he fall in another hole. btw great environment .

I loved it so much I threw my laptop at the wall!