Reviews for "I Can't Escape"

Very nice. LOVE the atmosphere and the graphics aren't half bad. Maintains a good creepy atmosphere and gave me several jumpscares. Really immersive. However, I'm almost positive that the game can't be won because I figured that the only way out is at the beginning where you spawn, in front of the locked door with the ladder on the other side. I actually got a key and went back to the spawn point to unlock the door but it wouldn't open, so I don't think that door is actually supposed to open and you just can't get out. Also sometimes I fall through the ground even though I KNOW there wasn't a hole there that I could see (the round black spots on the ground). Might just be the game trolling me, I dunno. Either way, good game!

This game is SO awesome and I have some suggestions to make it possibly even better. I believe those eyes should alert ghosts or monster to your presence if you look directly at them making it more scary to look directly at them. Also I believe the music should get creepier the closer you get. But since it's randomly generated I'm not sure how that would work. If any of these things are already in place excuse me. I think it would be cool to actually see the keys you have as well. I have a bunch more ideas if you're at all interested. if you're fine with your game then I'm fine with it too! 4/5 stars!

On one hand i have to give you credit for making a game in 3d. You don't see that often on this site
It also reminded me of old games like daggerfall or eye of the beholder.
On the other hand it's not very scary once you've played it more then once and realize the ghost
can't hurt you.

Good game but feels like Legend of Grimrock

wasnt that scary thought i think i lost was the point to go up or down cause i ended up in a room with all doors and the end on the screen so meh good 3d game though but not scary