Reviews for "I Can't Escape"

The game is amazing but a little bit scary because when you make it fullscreen you have the impression that something will pop up the music is creepy too the game is creepy
i think the maze is infinite that's a puzzle game
Anyways is almost imposible but is posible.
But Better not put screamers because i was in a room that haved 1 dooar and 4 normal walls and when i got there and i wanter to exit a ghost or something poped up i almost got a heart attack but anyways AMAZING!
The graphics is incredible!

The graphics are good,the environment in full screen is terrific and the ghosts and eyes are good.It can get a little boring if you play too much time and i don't see a goal.But it's a good game

davidmaletz responds:

There are two endings/goals, one is where you fall too deep, and one (very difficult to get) is where you are able to escape the dungeon and breathe fresh air again!

Awesome game! reminds me of the old 3D windows screen saver... lol

This is amazing dude, initially it seemed just like a 3d labyrinth, but <spoiler alert> the eyes and the ghosts keep you interested and wondering, because of that I will give it a full 5 stars that it's a qualification that i reserve for those games that show something else.

well, the game title live's it name