Reviews for "I Can't Escape"

I will never play this game again, which means you have successfully scared the pants right off me!
Great job!

Can you do medals? this game is too amazing to not have medals!

davidmaletz responds:

Haha, I was actually thinking about adding medals, but then I thought: if the medal achievement popped up while you were playing, wouldn't it ruin the atmosphere?

interesting... i made all left turns and ended up in hole after hole :3 i like this game. in fact because of this game i've been in more holes than (insert rich person(s) here)

Ah! I finally escaped! First played 2 nights ago and I think this was my fourth or fifth try so I'm pretty pleased with myself. Excellent game, especially if it was done in a month. I'd take some of the suggestions here and make it a full game. Only thing I'd improve is the walking/control and make it so enemies further down can actually end the game. Also, am I playing as a lion, or is that the environment? I noticed sometimes when backing up a growling noise would happen. Oh, and the music was sweet too. Only one I didn't like was the short, heavy synth waning one as that kinda killed my speakers. Way too much stereo being compressed into mono is what that sounds like. My Korg did the same thing if I wasn't setup the right way.

Also, to people having trouble. Just keep in mind there are a lot of walls that can be torn down and visually they're not too hard to miss. The keys don't really help much nor do most of the cage doors in general. Stick to trying to outsmart the setting rather than going for obvious stuff like locked doors, keys, etc.

davidmaletz responds:

The backing up growl was actually a bug! I found the bug after the game was released and the month was over (yes, I made this game in a single month) - when you back up, the sound it plays is incorrect (and most often the roar sound)! But, I decided this was kind of cool and fit the game, as you don't really know what's behind you, so I left it in there!

That was terrifying! I love the retro style of it and the ominous footsteps and the music were great!