Reviews for "I Can't Escape"

Hah, i beat it, Pretty crazy game. i feel like it punishes you every time you don't pay attention. Was for sure i was gonna cry that last game... Great game though, very... Labrithy, wish there was like something chasing you though, to force a rush.

very fun and interesting i love the challange

Haha i give up after 35 minutes of trying. First encounter with the Ghost thing startled me a little bit. nice work, wish it was a little easier.

@CodeBloodRed i would just like to say fuck you, i made an account just to say that Freddy Mercury is amazing and you are a pathetic piece of shit and you should just kill yourself

Great game, but you should remake this game and add monsters and like a weapon system where you start off with say like a knife or something and then you find chests with armor and potions and stronger weapons. It would be awesome!