Reviews for "I Can't Escape"

atmospheric af

*Thinking about the game's name*
Me:You are damn right!

well, the game title live's it name

@bob1923 the holes were visible, you just probably didn't properly adjust the brightness setting at first. there's a reason why they ask; so that you can see the holes, but hardly. think of it as a easy-hard setting. the more visible you make the holes, the easier it is to win the game. and it's true there's no way to map things but it's not really necessary. the windows are there so that you can see when there's a ladder (with or without a hole; you can usually see through the window) so that you can try to find a way there. I personally loved it, the music made it horribly creepy imo. I kept expecting a jump scare

This is really good! was surprised that it was a horror game and I thought I could make it but ended up forever trapped lol The atmosphere was great and the tensions kept on building as I fell from one level to another.