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Reviews for "I Can't Escape"

Ok, sneaky guys. The damn maze changes. Makes it a LITTLE hard to solve the thing. Props on the graphics and atmosphere, but if you're gonna make a puzzle, give it a solution.

Well, it's hard to judge, I have mixed feelings about this.
First, what I liked: atmosphere. Visuals, sounds, old-school mechanics and overall creepy mood of the game - it all worked well. You said it was your aim to create specific atmosphere, and you hit it perfectly.
Now, what I disliked about this game: I don't see any viable way for player to resolve this puzzle. There is no path leading to victory inside of the game, and though solution exists, it appears absurd for me. It may be achieved either by accident or by trying just everything to bruteforce it. Or it may come from outside of the game, which isn't what games should rely on and it still doesn't bring more sense to it. This kind of situations is not what I appreciate in games.
In summary, I can't say I'm satisfied with this as a game. But when thinking about this not as a game, but rather as an interactive form of art, it looks well and really has some value. So overall experience was positive.

That was terrifying! I love the retro style of it and the ominous footsteps and the music were great!

Is this hell yet? It's kind of repetitive, but it captures the feeling of *freaking* damnation. Loosing all hope :)

it reminds me of doom meets amnesia
definitly needs to be emulated more like doom and have a story line, like create puzzle and retro style jumpscares! would perfect this game